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8/26 -
Mary Jo Greene Funeral Service will be held at 10:00am Wednesday August 29, 2018 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church 2030 W. Colorado Ave. 80904

8/21 -
The Colorado Springs community and the Campbell League family suffers a loss: Mary Jo (Mare) Greene passed away on Monday August 20, 2018. A native of Colorado Springs and a long time supporter of the local hockey community will be missed but never forgotten. Mare spent her entire life giving to others and that infectious personality can never be duplicated, she was simply the best.

8/18 - Wednesday's session has wrapped up and the standings will be updated soon. In the meantime, there's a golf tournament to benefit one of the hockey teams in town that's coached by one of our own. You can find out more information HERE

6/16 - No games Wednesday June 20 due to a USA Hockey camp. Also, the two cancelled games from Sunday's session will be made up at the beginning of the next session (June 24 and July 1).

5/13 -
Today's games are cancelled due to rink maintenance issues and will be rescheduled for the end of the season.

4/22 -
Wednesday session is over and we will be off April 25th with a new season beginning on May 2nd.

2/4 -
Change of plans for Sunday Feb 4 due to the Super Bowl there will be a game at 4:30 (Tony's vs Trinity). Players that show up from Play It Again and Miller Time will be split evenly.

1/22 -
Jim Johannson, general manager of USA Hockey has died at the age of 53.

USA Hockey released a statement saying that Johnson died in his sleep early Sunday morning at his home in Colorado Springs. "We are beyond shocked and profoundly saddened," USA Hockey executive director Pat Kelleher said in the statement. "As accomplished as Jim was in hockey, he was the absolute best, most humble, kind and caring person you could ever hope to meet. His impact on our sport and more importantly the people and players in our sport have been immeasurable. Our condolences go out to his entire family, but especially to his loving wife Abby and their young daughter Ellie."

We were honored to have Jimmy play in the Campbell League and his loss will be felt in the game and in our community forever. JJ was a great player and executive for USA Hockey but more importantly he was truly a great man and friend. The entire Campbell League family sends their condolences to the Johannson family and friends.

12/22 -
Sunday league will be off until January 7th. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

11/12 -
3 weeks of hockey (if that's what you want to call it) are in the books for Sunday and Wednesday. Tambo had a strong showing tonight and Johnny played in goal for both teams at 5:45. I didn't even know that was possible!

11/2 -
The website is back up and running (sort of). New sessions are underway!

9/24 -
So here is the schedule for the Wednesday playoffs. No it's not a typo, as it turns out, the standings fall in such a way that it ends up being the same schedule as last week. Wierd.

9/10 -
Some pretty intense hockey last Wednesday. Had two extremes, a close, legit 3-4 hockey game, then a... don't know how to describe it, but an 18-13 game. Wow.

9/1 -
Don't forget, no hockey this Sunday.

7/23 -
The new Wednesday schedule is up so please look at it. You will notice some pretty interesting changes. I'm sure you will have questions about it, all will be explained on Wednesday. See you fellas then.

          Welcome to the Campbell Hockey League

             Wednesday October 17th              Sunday October 21st
Time Home   Away   Time Home   Away
6:45 Pikas vs Tochka    4:30 Miller Time vs Trinity Brewing
8:00 FBI vs Bristol    5:45 St. Anthony's vs Play It Again
9:15 Platinum vs Palmer    Off Tony's    
Off The Waffles              




                  Previous Wednesday                                    Previous Sunday
  Home   Away     Home   Away
  The Waffles (9) vs FBI (4)     Play It Again (6)* vs Miller Time (7)
  Palmer (6) vs Pikas (8)     Tony's (10) vs Trinity Brewing (5)
  Bristol (5) vs Tochka (8)