Campbell Hockey League: The Best Hockey In Town
Campbell Hockey League
6/9 New Sunday schedule will be posted soon, Wednesday standings have been updated, and just as a heads up... No Games on June 19th and those games will be played on July 3rd. Games on June 26th will remain as scheduled.

          Welcome to the Campbell Hockey League

             Wednesday June 26th              Sunday June 23th
Time Home   Away   Time Home   Away
6:45 The Waffles vs Pikas    1:30   vs  
8:00 Palmer vs Tochka    2:45   vs  
9:15 Platinum vs FBI    Off      
Off Bristol              




                  Previous Wednesday                                    Previous Sunday
  Home   Away     Home   Away
  Bristol (3) vs Platinum (11)     Play It Again (14) vs Trinity Brewing (5)
  FBI (11) vs Palmer (6)     Miller Time (8) vs Tony's (7)
  Tochka (2) vs The Waffles (7)