About the Campbell League
Jim's PictureFounder: The Campbell Hockey League was started back in 1997 by speed skating and Illinois Hockey Hall of Famer Jim Campbell. He started this league for guys to have fun playing this great game. His catchfrase was always "Hockey, just for the fun of it". Even though he is no longer with us, everyone at the Campbell League uphold these words. The league is now run by long time player and coach Mike Greene.

What We Offer:

When Jim started the league it consisted of about 100 players, today we have over 300 player who call themselves Campbell leaguers and we're continually growing.
The Campbell Hockey League offers a Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon league for advanced players. We take pride in the quality of hockey here at Campbell League. We have players ranging in from former pro players, to NCAA Division 1, olympians, and just some really good rec players. If you've played hockey before, then you know what level of hockey we're talking about.

When & Where:
Wednesday games start at 6:45PM and Sundays at 4:30. All the games occur at the Honnen Ice Arena on the Colorado College campus.
Address: 30 W Cache La Puodre St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903


We use a combination of USA hockey, NHL, and custom rules. This is a no-check league.
Here are some FAQs about the rules in-use for the Campbell Hockey League. These are NOT all of the rules we implement, just some frequently asked questions.

Nine Dot Face-offs - All face-offs must be conducted at one of the nine face-off dots.             
Tag-Up Off-Sides - All players must be clear of the attacking zone before re-entry.
Team Roster - All players must be on a team roster and no player shall be added to a roster in the last two games of a season.
Game Misconduct - Carries an automatic minimum of a 1 game suspension and league review
Game Ejection - The player is ejected from that game and does not result in any further suspension.
Minor Penalties - All standard minor penalties are called at the discretion of the officials.
Slew Foot - At the discretion of the officials, a minor penalty up to a major penalty with a game misconduct may be assessed to any player for Slew Footing.
Double Minor Penalties - Any minor penalty can be made a double minor at the discretion of the officials.
Major Penalties - At the discretion of the referee, a major penalty can be assessed. A player given a major penalty may or may not be assessed a game ejection or game misconduct.
Zero Tolerance - At the discretion of the officials, a player may be given a penalty ranging from a minor penalty to a game misconduct for abusive or obscene or actions towards officials, players or spectators. Zero Tolerance also includes disputing or arguing the calls made by the officials.
Shoot-Outs - If a game is tied after regulation, a standard 3 player shoot-out will decide the winner of that game.
Length of Game - Games will begin with a 3 minute warm-up, followed by three 18 minute running time periods with a 30 second break between periods. If a game is within 3 goals in the final 3 minutes of the 3rd period, it will be stop clock.
Hybrid Icing - Icing shall be waived off for the following reasons: The puck being played was an attempted pass, the goalie leaves the marked crease, the offending team would be first to touch the puck.
Puck out of Play - A puck that touches any part of the goal and then goes out of play, will result in a face-off at the nearest end zone dot.

Want to Play?: Please contact either Mike Green at