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12/22 -
Sunday league will be off until January 7th. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
11/12 -
3 weeks of hockey (if that's what you want to call it) are in the books for Sunday and Wednesday. Tambo had a strong showing tonight and Johnny played in goal for both teams at 5:45. I didn't even know that was possible!
11/2 -
The website is back up and running (sort of). New sessions are underway!
9/24 -
So here is the schedule for the Wednesday playoffs. No it's not a typo, as it turns out, the standings fall in such a way that it ends up being the same schedule as last week. Wierd.
9/10 -
Some pretty intense hockey last Wednesday. Had two extremes, a close, legit 3-4 hockey game, then a... don't know how to describe it, but an 18-13 game. Wow.
9/1 -
Don't forget, no hockey this Sunday.
7/23 -
The new Wednesday schedule is up so please look at it. You will notice some pretty interesting changes. I'm sure you will have questions about it, all will be explained on Wednesday. See you fellas then.
7/21 -
I'm sure you've all heard what's happened by now. I've been doing this 15 years, and this was probably the biggest chickenshit move I've ever seen. Just goes to show that they never really belonged in the league. We still have to deal with the consequences though. I'm working on a new schedule and it will probably be up monday, so keep an eye out.
7/8 -
Another Wednesday session wrapped up, and like we normally do, there's a week off inbetween sessions. We will start back up on the 19th. See you boys then.
7/1 -
For those of you who haven't heard, Dave Alber had a massive heart attack while reffing on Wednesday. Thanks to the quick response of Rick Greene and Hollie McFarlene, Dave pulled through. There are a complications from the heart attack, like short term memory problems, but he's alive and kickin, which is all we can ask for. We here at the Campbell League would like to thank all those involved in saving Dave's life. 
6/21 -
Good news everyone! We're back up to 5 teams on Sundays. Miller Time has replaced Strawberry Fields. The new schedule is up for that, I know you're all dying to look at it. It's been too long without Sunday hockey. Some of you probably forgot how to skate, and others never knew how to begin with so I guess it all balances out. As a bonus, I've added proof that the commish is a total dick. Enjoy!
5/30 -
 Alright everybody, got some news for you. First of all, there is no Sunday hockey until June 25th. You can thank USA hockey for that. There will be some pick up games on the 4th if you want to show up. And we will be going back up to 5 teams, so that's pretty cool. That schedule will be up soon.
- There's no Sunday hockey until June 25th.
5/1 -
Glad to see some of the old guys getting back out there.Cleeker and Belliveau. It was also good to see Zim go 1 week without scoring on an 8 year old goalie.
3/28 -
Hey everybody. I apologize for the issues with the website. Things haven't been updating like they should then the server was down for a couple days. But everything is back up and running the way it should. The new Wednesday schedule is up so take a look. The standing pages are updated and should be accurate. Hopefully all the kinks have been worked out and things should be running smoother.
3/15 -
I know this is short notice but there's a really cool hockey event going on this weekend down at Sertich. It's a playoff game for the Miners and an auction too. $5 gets you in the game and everything goes to charity. Check out the flyer here.
2/26 -
Alright. Check. It. Out. New team on Sundays and a new looking schedule too. We go 12 weeks instead of 15 and we're back to 4 teams. Welcome the dankest team in hockey, Strawberry Fields.
1/26 -
Two quick announcements. One, thanks to James Terry and Scott Purdy, we got some sweet new pegs for the nets. Two, we are playing on Super Bowl Sunday like we usually do. Last year was the exception because of the Denver Donkeys. Luckily for us they suck so we don't have to miss a week.
1/22 -
Impressive. It took 18 days into the new year before I have to remind some of you not to be complete and utter dumbasses. I shouldn't have to say this but here we go: Don't take swings at the refs. Don't run your mouths. Don't grab people's facemasks. Can't believe I have to remind some of you of this. I know 99% of you are good, just try to remind the 1% of these things. You know who they are.
Now onto something nicer. 2 shootouts on Wednesday, that was pretty sweet. One of them went 7 rounds. Good hockey, people having fun, that's what I like to see.

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             Wednesday Jan 17              Sunday Jan 21th
Time Home   Away   Time Home   Away
6:45 Palmer vs Platinum    4:30 Play It Again vs Tony's
8:00 Bristol vs FBI    5:45 Trinity vs St. Anthony's
9:15 Tochka vs Pikas    Off Miller Time    




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  Bristol (9) vs Tochka (5)     Tony's (8) vs St. Anthony's (4)
  Platinum (6) vs FBI (7)     Trinity (7) vs Miller Time (13)
  Pikas (9) vs Palmer (3)